How to find a right electronics design partner


Finding the right partner for electronics design and development is critical for your product, This is the first step which makes your product successful. So when choosing a company or a design firm to partner with, you need to know what exactly to look for.


Some companies choose to expand by adding staff, but identifying and hiring the right people, especially in high-demand areas of the country, can be time consuming. At best it takes weeks for new personnel to assimilate and come up-to-speed with new project requirements. And there is always the burden of employee benefits and vacation time. It is also necessary to consider the significant front office, regulatory, and documentation support needed when developing a product.


For most projects the skills of many disciplines will be necessary, and with the demands of today’s budgets and schedules, managers have to know before work begins, that the consultant they’ve hired can supply the required resources to complete the project. As an example, many “electronics product developers” fall short in the area of documentation.


Key Factors

One should look for an electronics design company that works closely with its technical customers to achieve results as fast and as cost effectively as possible with a highly skilled and experienced team of engineers and take care of these following factors:


  • Models of engagement
  • Resource deployment
  • Transparency at Work
  • IP protection procedures
  • Project execution structure
  • Project review process
  • Testing and validation process

“We’re not a consultant, a contract manufacturer, or a circuit board house. If you need the services of a bona fide electronics designer and an advance R&D team, we have the people, the tools, and the experience to bring your ideas into reality. Upon completion, the organization that hired us can take over and continue with business as usual.”


“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.”


  • Push Technology Limits with Us
    Riding on an established team of experienced scientific analysts and technologists, we are well equipped to solve problems where power consumption, processing capabilities, size, environmental specifications, material and cost are pushed to their extreme limits while minimizing the number of iterative trials.
  • Quality and Reliability
    We have adapted multilayered quality and project management methodologies to deliver you impeccable quality in our products and services. Over the last decade, we have forged strong industry relations with accomplished and proficient third party networks like PCB manufacturers, electronic component suppliers, labels and other raw material suppliers. At Ascenten, we consider Quality & Reliability to be the hallmarks of our existence.
  • Time Efficiency
    Since we offer full life cycle product development services, ranging from algorithm design to PCB design, firmware to software development and prototypes to small scale production under one roof, products are delivered on time and there are no deferments arising when having to engage with various multi location agencies.
  • Cost Efficiency
    Our electronics design house is located at Ahmedabad, Gujarat – one of the fastest developing economies of India. You benefit with a fastidious workforce at lower charges. Our engineers are equivalent with the finest in the industry and you would not have to compromise with the quality of products. All of this, with having to shell out much lesser! That’s as good as it gets!

“Join Hands with experts”


We are the experts

We are committed to providing our customers the highest quality in every aspect of our business engagement. We understand our customer’s evolving priorities and our processes are built to deliver high productivity within the right timelines.


We provide a broad spectrum of services such as Electronics design services, Technology Research, New Product Development, Product Sustenance, and Manufacturing to a number of industry verticals such as Metering, Automotive, Telecom Networks, Medical Devices, Industrial Systems, Consumer Electronics, Internet of Things, Wearable Electronics, Security and Surveillance.


We provide a complete package that includes all the resources and manpower needed for an accepted project. We can perform all of the electronics design and engineering, source vendors, complete the technical documentations, and transfer to manufacturing. Our personnel have the experience resources to provide assistance to get the product CE, FCC and BQB certified.


After choosing the right solution for implementation according to the specification and the conclusions generated by the working plan; the agreed modifications are implemented. The final finished product is exhaustively tested and verified to check all the functions and the unexpected conditions.


A team of experienced quality professionals utilize our testing and review system to ensure delivery of technologically outstanding products and electronic design services. All quality improvement initiatives are assessed by the means of ongoing customer satisfaction surveys and knowledge augmentation from our day-to-day R&D experiences.


For startups

For startups and medium-sized organizations who want to compete with larger businesses. Also, it’s not unusual for there to be no benchmarks for analyzing the service provider’s performance. That’s almost always an issue, because most outsourcing contracts aren’t designed to cope with changes in business requirements. Insufficient resources and poor budget planning can become a problem as well.


We are frequently the only electronics design and engineering team for startups with flexible engagement models. In general, the profile of the type of businesses we work for are those who want to maintain their most productive course and, at the same time, complete challenging projects with a minimum of concern.


“There are many ‘consulting companies’ that offer electronic development services, but that is not their key business – our key business is electronics design, this is what we do.”

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