Automotive Electronics Design – Body Electronics, Infotainment, CAN bus, Power Train, Navigation & Vehicle Monitoring



The trend of adaption of consumer electronics in the automotive industry is accelerating with every passing year. The automotive electronics design not only provides a unified human machine interface but also assists the automobile manufacturers to enhance the consistency of body electronics and cut down on the overall costs.

Ascenten provides the clients with several R&D services in critical automotive domains across the product lifecycle. We are quite well known when it comes to providing all-inclusive services in the automotive segment span across embedded electronics design and integration, hardware and software engineering, conceptual design, industrial design as well as prototyping to manufacturing. We are your final destination when it comes to choosing cutting edge automotive electronics design.

With more than a decade of experience in the field of automotive electronics, Ascenten offers end-to-end automotive electronic design services towards body electronics, infotainment, system design and integration and telematics to OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. Once the customers approach us, they can rest assure about their problems related to technology constraints, resource crunches and tight product development as well as maintenance budgets.

Leveraging our technology and domain prowess, we partner with our customers to co-create revolutionary body electronics products which provide sustainable competitive advantage to businesses. Through our recognized expertise in architecting futuristic engineering solutions and creating ground breaking automotive electronics design, we help our customers bring advanced products faster to their target markets.

Design for conformance to AUTOSAR and SAE standards



Infotainment, Can bus Integration, Vehicle Monitoring, Body Electronics, Automotive Electronics Design Company


Under the hood and above the hood communications such as IP-over-1394, Bluetooth stack, car telephony, client server applications, HAVi & OSGi standards

Success Story
32 Channel automotive data acquisition system
  • Design of a rugged 32-channel automotive data acquisition system;
  • Measures and records data from various P, T, AFR, RPM, MPH sensors; features CAN bus integration and communication as well as offline performance analysis PC application software.

Embedded & Application Software

Embedded graphics, image processing, development of GUIs, multimedia browsers, EMS/MMS utilities and internet access utilities tightly integrated with target hardware and signaling components, navigation systems vehicle monitoring tools & media servers


Vision Systems

Success Story
Remote Controller cum automotive engine data recorder
Design of remote controller in combination with automotive engine data recorder and memory card storage; features FAT files system implementation; backlit silicone keypad.

CAN & LIN Bus Integration

Multimedia Platforms

The Lin and Can Bus Integration come with the following functionalities:

2D/3D Graphics and HMI Design & Development

Modeling and Simulation of Electronic Control Units

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Success Story
Automotive Closed loop air injection system
Design of closed loop controller for automotive injection control; features AFR measurement and control of gas flow via linear actuator.
Success Story
Smart Duel Fuel Changeover Switch
Design of smart fuel changeover switch for duel fuel automotive; features low cost signal detecting circuits for measuring engine RPM and intelligent changeover algorithm.
Success Story
LPG Automotive Gas Meter
Design of automotive LPG level sensors; features gold leaf contacts and magnetic mechanical coupling; IP54 construction.
Success Story
Automotive CNG Tank Pressure Gauge Meter
Design of low cost, high volume production electronic pressure gauge for measuring automotive CNG tank level.