MCU, FPGA and DSP Designs

Ascenten provides complete MCU/DSP/FPGA design based services from specifications to prototype integrating parts of industry standard vendors like TI, Freescale, Intel, Microchip, Atmel, Xilinx, Altera, Actel and others. The designers of Digital Signal Processor at Ascenten have an ability to handle intricate, multi-million gate designs with multi-clock systems involving a variety of processor/bus architectures and on-board devices.

Our expertise in system design, illustrated below, includes high-speed, multi-layer board development with a variety of MCU design as well as FPGA Design, embedded software and DSP Design algorithm development and optimization.


Digital technologies with which we've worked with are illustrated in this representative diagram:


Illustrated Digital Technologies


Success Story
32 Channel automotive data acquisition system
Development of rugged 32-channel automotive data acquisition system featuring Microchip PIC 18F and 24F series; measures and records data from various P, T, AFR, RPM, MPH sensors; features CAN bus communication and offline performance analysis PC application software.

FPGA Design Expertise

Digital Signal Processor Design Expertise


Success Story
USB to High Speed Ethernet Converter
Industrial grade USB 2.0 to 10/100 MBPS Ethernet Converter, 3 galvanically isolated serial ports & 1 USB to ethernet convertor.
Prototypes for analog data acquisition board
Developed prototypes for an analog data acquisition board that features Intrinsically safe power and an ARM processor. Services comprised schematic entry, multi-layered layout design, component procurement, PCB fabrication, component assembly and embedded software development.
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Success Story
FPGA based Multilayered Industrial Digital Board
Design of an FPGA based multilayered industrial digital board with microBGA parts and intrinsically safe power supply and zones.
Services comprised hardware development, component procurement, prototype development and testing
Success Story
16 Layered PCB Design
Pulled off an extremely complex 16-layered PCB design task of assembling all components required for Foundation Fieldbus within Intrinsic Safety norms while having to maintain the board size. The board featured Atmel ARM, Renesas M16C/62 series microcontrollers, Ethernet to Foundation Fieldbus interface and backplane connections.
Success Story
Developed prototypes from Gerber files for an industrial product that features Ethernet, HART and proprietary back panel bus drivers.
Services comprised procurement of components, layout, automatic pick and place based board assembly.