Re-engineering Projects

Our re-engineering services focus on transforming an existing product in order to reconstitute it in a new form and with new features; taking the advantage of emerging technologies but without making major changes to the inherent functionality. Our Product re-engineering solutions focus on retaining the core features and logic of the existing system while bolstering the system by migrating it to emerging technologies. Ascenten’s R&D team has an expertise and skill required for re-engineering the entire product by using an identical technology but incorporating the latest components. This process is usually done for either obsolescence or cost reduction. Our product re-engineering flow is mentioned below:

Success Story
  • Ascenten was provided a loosely designed prototype of an industrial utiltiy - an 8” x 8” multilayered, mixed signal embedded system board that worked partially.
  • Pressure and temperature measured in real time and incorporated into the volume conversion algorithm.
  • System’s menu structure completely overhauled, secure In-Situ firmware upgraded.
  • Implemented galvanically isolated, surge protected, polarity independent, loop powered I/O blocks.
  • Realized the precise implementation of AGA8 Gross method 2 (American Gas Association standard), SGREG & Approximation method in C.
  • Microcontroller: TI MSP430 series

Re-engineering feasibility check

We begin by analyzing the project fully and developing a feasibility study in order to address the issues associated with phasing out the legacy systems and moving to the new system.

Product study

We work closely with our customers to enable us to customize the product to their preference and specifications.

Freezing final specs

The resulting process is well documented and the final specifications are generated. A detailed report is submitted to the customer to ensure this is exactly as per our customer's requirements.

Implementation and Final Testing

After choosing the right solution for implementation according to the specification and the conclusions generated by the working plan; the agreed modifications are implemented. The final finished product is exhaustively tested and verified to check all the functions and the unexpected conditions.

Hand Off

Once the product is tested completely it is then sent to the customer and once the product is functional in the live environment, our expertise and engagement continues to support it.

We systematically research, evaluate and develop new technologies that we incorporate into your products in order to enhance their functionality. We aim to add value in the areas of product maintenance and support as well as product enhancement and testing. We would also suggest appropriate metrics and help to determine baseline process performance as well as measure subsequent improvement.

We can suggest improvements and approaches based on our experience assisting other companies to improve their business processes. We can assist the teams develop an implementation plan, conduct training, implement the improvements, and monitor the results. The improved results through our assistance will pay for itself many times over.

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Success Story
  • Challenge: Our customer needed enhanced resources and expertise to further develop and support their complex hot cake product developed over many years.  
  • Scope of work: To develop new features and maintain the product.
  • Engagement: 156 weeks, offsite
  • Technologies: Nucleus RTOS, DIAB compiler, C, Windows, VC++
  • Ascenten undertook the engagement and is successfully supporting the client on this product line.