Careers @ Ascenten

Our culture is a liberating one. We support our employees with flexible working solutions that enable accessing information and connecting when and where it makes most sense. We emphasize on empowerment of individuals and help our employees to have control of their working life and improve balance between work content and personal interests.  

You will be surrounded by bright, interesting people working together on new and exciting projects. We provide individuals with a platform for personal growth with a clear vision, goals and shared management principles. When you join, you’ll be introduced to the company, its processes, tools and procedures, and you’ll be personally guided along the way. We provide you with the training and opportunities to enjoy a successful career you can be proud of, now and for the rest of your life.

Ethics is an essential component of life at Ascenten. It is how we conduct ourselves and how we do business. It is non-negotiable. While some businesses prize results over ethics, we value both. The way that we work is defined by the people. Our values are created by the people who work in the company.


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