Engineering Projects

Ascenten’s Embedded Systems offering is diverse and comprehensive. Design experience and domain knowledge garnered over the decades help our product design teams deliver quality, cost effective solutions in the shortest time frame. Our commitment to research and development domain and our unique understanding of customer needs has led to an extensive portfolio of services and offerings. 

Apart from being your R&D services partner - responsible for executing the entire gamut of services across a product life cycle - we also partake in individual services leveraging our specialized divisions and technically sound workforce, in order to supplement your team and augment resources at will as you stay focused on your core activities of business development.

Product Engineering

At Ascenten, we harbor true passion for designing and building fine electronic products. We work with innovative companies, helping them build new products and optimize existing products by fusing innovation and emerging technologies. By leveraging our strong design and project management experience, in-house facilities and relationship with proven third parties, we are a one-stop product development center, offering our customers reduced costs and improved time to market.

Embedded Software Development

With the ever increasing demand to pack large number of technologies, features and functions in products, the in lying firmware is getting more and more complex by the day.  At Ascenten, the software management, programming and testing methods have matured systematically over the years. Our team of experienced managers and engineers are well accustomed to scenarios where large teams collaborate to create complex integrated firmware.

Analog Design

Analog hardware design is the art of the mathematically curious who can sustain themselves endlessly in front of an oscilloscope. We create the finest custom low power, high speed analog designs for metering, automotive, medical, military and scientific applications.

PCB Layout, Prototyping and Testing

Circuit boards are physical and electrical scaffolds that hold the electronics together and in many cases require finesse and ingenuity to design them right. Our team of experienced engineers work with your requirements to design reliable, cost effective and rugged circuit boards...

MCU, FPGA and DSP Designs

With the ever increasing demand for speed and performance in modern digital systems and constant evolution of complex high speed microcontrollers, FPGAs and CPLDs, Ascenten has kept pace with changing times and has created an excellent track record of designing  and delivering robust industrial and consumer digital systems. 

Algorithm Design & Analysis

Advanced algorithms are formulated, characterized and optimized in rich mathematical packages like Mathematica and Matlab for diverse purposes such as Signal Processing, solving Boundary Value Problems, Stochastic Estimation and various numerical analysis challenges.

Application Software Development

At our software labs, we manage projects from concept to completion and provide strategic planning, creative designing, robust programming with all supportive and post implementation services. We are also focused on Web applications, Desktop applications and mobile applications. Ascenten’s expertise in the Software Services space has helped its customers bring out feature-rich products in a reduced time-to-market, leading to higher revenues and incremental growth...

Feasibility Research

Feasibility research involves performing a list of pre-design activities and decisions that are critical to formally formulating the final expectation while documenting the design challenges and risks. It is essentially an innovative, brainstorming exercise forming clouds of ideas and rationally determining as to what makes sense in the product under the umbrella of customer expectation, budget and project deadlines.


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