Industrial System Design - Electronics Intrinsically Safe Design, Mechanical Design, SCADA & LABView Development

Industrial Systems

Our industrial system design team always comes up with inspirational, innovative and remarkable ideas that create inevitable products. Our industrial designers thrive where form and function collide. They make products work better which includes improving performance of the industrial system design and enhancing the user experience.



Take advantage of our expertise at any stage:

Success Story
Solar Energy Supply Meter
Design and development of a class 2 energy meter and remote control for rural India. Built to last for years in uncertain power and extreme weather conditions with heavy duty design.
We are affluent in:

Intrinsically Safe Design

Core technologies are well fused with intricate expertise to very quickly build highly complex and intrinsically safe design for use in highly explosive environments or safety critical medical electronics.

Design for Fieldbus, Modbus & other Buses

Success Story
High Speed Industrial VDSL Model
Full product design, including enclosure, electronics and statutory approvals of an industrial VDSL modem; transmits and receives Ethernet packets at 100 Mbps over 1 km distance; USB / mains powered. CE certified.

SCADA Development, HMI & Process Control

A completely thorough and in-depth analysis, using various techniques like:

LabVIEW & Custom Application Development

High level expertise in the latest version of LabVIEW helps provide LabVIEW applications developed with:

Design of Very High Voltage Systems

Success Story
Firmware development and testing for a heavy duty industrial product. Features implementation of several communication protocols – Ethernet, HART and proprietary back panel bus drivers.
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Success Story
20W PoE based power supply
20W PoE based power supply with advanced surge protection and intrinsically safe field terminations.
Success Story
Prototypes for analog data acquisition board
Analog data acquisition daughter board for a gas flow metering system; features Intrinsically safe power and an ARM processor.
Success Story
Gas Flow Metering Volume Conversion Device
Volume conversion device for gas flow metering; features galvanically isolated, surge protected data acquisition; realized the precise implementation of AGA8 Gross method 2, SGREG & Approximation method in C.