Leverage our Expertise

Ascenten offers progressive outsourcing engagement models the customers that go beyond tactical outsourcing. By offering various engagement models and setting up the desired offshore product development center for companies that lack a product engineering team or need to support a single product or an entire product line, we empower our customers with full lifecycle R&D and support services, as well as proven processes and dedicated engineering teams. These models offer the opportunity to accelerate outsourcing through our collaborative value chain

In the initial discussions with the prospective customer, Ascenten understands and evaluates the project requirements, as well as the volatility of the customer's business needs. Based on this, we recommend an appropriate engagement model to start with. The rationale behind this is to assess technology risks, business risks and manpower risks and mitigate the same by an appropriate deployment of resources.

Ascenten has evolved engagement models to suit an intermediated business model, with a clear value proposition for an onsite business partner and an offshore team.  Our projects comply with clearly defined delivery metrics and Service Framework Agreements (SFAs). Certified professionals provide project management expertise, integrated project plans and change management. We ensure that our customers have full visibility into the projects and project teams through multiple touch points.

R&D Partnership Program

An R&D Partnership Program, which is an extension of the customer's engineering facility, is popular among customers, who are looking at long-term gains from offshore outsourcing. This model enables customers to rapidly extend product development and product support resources to a global level while building product engineering teams that specialize in specific markets and technologies. This model ensures that the extended team works as an extension of the customer's team and provides resource flexibility, extensive scalability, cost and time efficiencies, cross trained resources and the ability to adjust to peak loads. 

This model incorporates a pool of specialized, multi-disciplinary resources that are organized and managed by Ascenten to meet the customer's explicit business objectives. The team is trained for a particular customer while working from Ascenten's development center; and goes extra lengths to simulate processes to exacting standards as per the customer's requirements. Other advantages of this model include knowledge retention and the flexibility of utilizing the team for different requirements. The R&D Partnership model is usually applied in long-term partnerships with a significant amount of multiple and unforeseeable types of work.

Ascenten has perfected the art of setting-up and running R&D Partnerships.  Our unique approach speeds the design and set up of the lab, shortening the critical time-to-value curve.

Engineering Projects

When scope, specification and implementation plans of a development project are reasonably well defined at the outset, an Engineering Projects model becomes an attractive option. Through this engagement model, customers can integrate talented global engineers into discrete projects that are "time-boxed" and require specific market or technology expertise. Under this model, Ascenten assigns a project team including project management, equipment and infrastructure necessary to deliver on time.

In many cases, project requirements tend to evolve during the course of implementation thereby necessitating additional or lesser resources. To facilitate such development, this model gives the flexibility of adjusting the customer's project team size, while optimizing on time and costs.


Ascenten is equipped with the organizational infrastructure for executing engagements at the highest levels of delivery standards.  


How You Can Benefit

Push Technology Limits with Us

Riding on an established team of experienced scientific analysts and technologists, we are well equipped to solve problems where power consumption, processing capabilities, size, environmental specifications, material and cost are pushed to their extreme limits while minimizing the number of iterative trials.

Quality and Reliability

We have adapted multilayered quality and project management methodologies to deliver you impeccable quality in our products and services. Over the last decade we have forged strong industry relations with accomplished and proficient third party networks like PCB manufacturers, electronic component suppliers, labels and other raw material suppliers. At Ascenten, we consider Quality & Reliability to be the hallmarks of our existence.

Time Efficiency

Since we offer full life cycle product development services, ranging from algorithm design to PCB design, firmware to software development and prototypes to small scale production under one roof, products are delivered on time and there are no deferments arising when having to engage with various multi location agencies.

Cost Efficiency

Our design house is located at Ahmedabad, Gujarat - one of the fastest developing economies of India. You benefit with a fastidious workforce at lower charges. Our engineers are equivalent with the finest in the industry and you would not have to compromise with the quality of products. All of this, with having to shell out much lesser! That's as good as it gets!

Do you need it done Yesterday?

We deliver when it matters the most. Our engineers pull out all stops when the timelines are menacing. They are willing to go that extra mile and work round the clock when required. Weekends are as much a day at work as any other, on such occasions. So be rest assured, when it comes to delivering on time; as there is no stopping us.


We offer our customers various engagement models so that they are as comfortable working with us as with their own captive teams. The Offshore Delivery Centre and Engineering Projects models are tailored for customers and they have a lot of flexibility built in to accommodate their changing needs. Most importantly, our models offer our customers complete control on the work being done and help to factor in their requirements punctiliously at every stage of product development and R&D.

Minimal Hand Holding

Having worked on most platforms and technologies and with industry veterans bringing in monumental domain knowledge, our teams require the least amount of hand holding and ramp up time. In simple words, it's amazing how effective emails, video chats, webEx conferences and remote presentations can be when people on the other side are really smart.

Higher Accountability

Our businesses are spread across the globe in USA, UK and India. We have a strong network of channel partners at your disposal. Our teams work at customer locations when required enhancing value in your operations. With representations at every level of account management and project execution; we are more of a partner and less of a contractual business associate.

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