Affirmative Action Policy

Teamwork and trust as foundation for sustainability has been our philosophy since our conception and it continues to guide our actions, as we embark on to create a common force to deliver excellence in all our engagements.

We believe that we as a company are responsible not only for our own well-being, but also for the well-being of the larger society that we are a part of and are indebted to in many ways. We take pride in being a company with a strong social conscience, and this ideology stems out of the fact that we are closely linked to the communities we operate in.

Our commitment to the environment and our social initiatives in rural development is as strong as our business objectives and thus we constantly evolve our corporate social responsibility initiatives through metrics.

The guiding principles that define our affirmative action policy are:  

Our commitment to make a notable difference to the environment or the underprivileged is not a flash in the pan initiative but is a sustained effort to make a visible change to people's lives.