Fieldbus connectivity PCB design prototype

PCB Layout, Prototyping and Testing

Printed Circuit boards are physical and electrical scaffolds that hold the electronics together and designing them requires a lot finesse and ingenuity. Our team of experienced engineers work closely with customers to design reliable, cost effective and rugged circuit boards considering various points:

Success Story
  • Implemented Foundation Fieldbus connectivity.
  • Scope of work : Feasibility study, Schematic design, PCB Design, Prototype development and testing, Firmware development and testing.
  • Atmel ARM microcontroller, Renesas M16C/62 series microcontroller.
  • Pulled off an extremely complex 16 layered PCB design task of assembling all components required for Foundation Fieldbus within Intrinsic Safety norms (large clearances) while having to maintain the board size.

If the need arises, we work closely with reputable Printed Circuit Board fabrication houses to qualify designs for DFM. Our key differentiator is our rigorous, proprietary design and review process that ensures reliable result in minimal time.

Success Story
  • To develop a prototype of an innovative metering device having very high SMT component density.
  • Scope of work:
    • Component procurement
    • Component assembly using automatic pick and place machine
    • Visual inspection of boards for quality control
  • Used high tech Automatic Pick & Place machines and Reflow Solder for PCB assembly.


PCB testing services are offered optionally in conjunction with layout design.

We use a combination of automatic and semi-automatic tools or hand placement as per need dictated by PCB design and density, component types and sizes to create clean-cut protos suitable for immediate testing. The same engineers who may have created PCB layout design work side-by-side with prototyping technicians as an advantage. The following points are considered:

Design Capabilities

Success Story
  • Ultrasonic meter for measurement of Biogas, Compressed air, Natural gas, Propane, Butane, Nitrogen & Oxygen.
  • Actel FPGA & Freescale K60/ARM Cortex-M4 based design.
  • Low power, 12 layer board comprising 4 BGAs and Intrinsically Safe zones/power supply.
  • UART, USB, HART based communication.
  • FPGA based design.
  • Intrinsically safe power supply.
  • Intrinsically safe zones.
  • Scope of work: Printed Circuit Board layout, Component procurement, Prototype development, Testing
  • Engagement : Offsite, 20 weeks
  • Developed for a low-power Microcontroller family.
  • Capacitive touchpad.
  • Scope of work: PCB layout, Component procurement, Prototype development, Testing
  • Engagement : Offsite, 20 weeks
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Success Story
PCB Prototypes from Gerber files for an industrial product
  • To develop prototypes from Gerber files for an industrial product.
  • Scope of work:
    • Procurement of components
    • Planning layout of components
    • Automatic Pick & Place board assembly
    • Quality check
    • Embedded software testing
    • Prototype release
Success Story
Prototypes for analog data acquisition board
  • To develop prototypes for an analog data acquisition board of an industrial product.
  • Scope of work:
    • Schematic entry
    • Multi-layered layout design with Intrinsic Safety rules
    • Component procurement
    • PCB fabrication
    • Component assembly
    • Design for Atmel SAM7 series, ARM Processor
    • Software/Firmware development
    • Electrical testing of boards