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We can help you with your product vision to pursue and design a product in this fast paced wearable industry. Ascenten understands the functional, technological and business needs which arise during design and development of any wearable devices, needs such as – fixed form factor, extended battery life, rugged & ergonomic design and time to market.

Having been involved in the green-field design of various wearable concepts, Ascenten’s experience and expertise have the right combination of hardware, firmware, and software teams who envision and help realize a complete wearable product in its most important areas with the best design solutions and quality.

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Ascenten’s product engineering team constantly researches and evaluates recent technology and platforms by continuously training with the development kits so that an optimal solution is usually at hand when custom designing a wearable.



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Case Study
World’s First Mechanical Hybrid Watch
Case Study
A smart band that transforms your analog watch into smart watch