Ultrasonic Smart Meter Design Services – Gas Meters, Water Meters, Electricity Meters, Heat Temperature Meter Design Services.



Ascenten has an outstanding track record of designing smart energy meters and unique gas flow meters. Ascenten has profoundly benefitted meter manufacturers who have associated themselves with the company and has come out with innovative products and technologies for both industrial as well as domestic metering.

Robust Experience with Core Metrology

Robust understanding and experience of intricate fundamentals of data acquisition and measurements such as

  • Statistical theory of noise
  • Band limited analog amplifier designs and digital techniques to filter noise  
  • Algorithms for low power or flow cut-off to prevent meter readings from creeping up with time during black out
  • Algorithms for ascertaining reverse power or flow
  • Algorithms and hardware techniques to positively detect tamper in various types of meters
  • Algorithms to positively detect various types of malfunctions
  • Exclusive hardware and software water meter design for low power consumption
  • Techniques to reduce component counts and BOM cost
  • Techniques to improve meter reliability
Success Story
Solar Energy Supply Meter
  • Electricity meter design of a class 2 and remote control for rural India.
  • Built to last for years in uncertain power and extreme weather conditions with heavy duty design.

Energy Meter Design

Gas Flow Meter Design

  • Experience with analyzing and characterizing ultrasound signals
  • Algorithms for time-of-flight measurements with/without FPGAs
  • Totalizer algorithms
  • Algorithms for detecting various types of case and interference type tampers
  • Microwatt power designs 
  • Multi-mode, multi-path designs

Smart Meter Functionality

  • Expertise in implementing smart functionality in gas meter design as well as the designs
  • Advanced smart metering infrastructure (AMI) and smart grid implementation design
  • Automatic meter reading (AMR) implementation with bi-directional secured communication using IEC 62056, TCP/IP, ZigBee, 802.15.4 protocols alongwith complete Meter Data Management System
  • Ability to control meter remotely to reduce / increase load, disconnect, reconnect
  • Seismic detection techniques for safety disconnect
  • Applications including Smart Home Energy Management Systems, Smart Solar Power Inverters, Smart Energy as well as innovative water meter design for gas & Liquid Flow Meters, Electronic Heat Allocation Meters etc.

Tariff and Event Logging

  • Various techniques for calculating and logging tariff
  • Logging of events such as blackouts, tamper, energy usage/flow pattern and internal malfunctions
  • Backup of logs on non-volatile memory
  • In-situ code updates
  • Infrared communication

DLMS and UMI Connectivity

  • Expertise in design of DLMS and UMI peripherals such as GSM, M-Bus and ZigBee modem modules
  • Porting of DLMS and UMI stacks on meter hosts
  • Mapping of DLMS objects to UMI and vice-versa

Intrinsically Safe Designs

Our designs are very safe and follow all the codes of conduct prescribed by the industry. You can know about them once you experience our water meter design. We are also quite alert when it comes to follow the safety measures with gas meter design.

  • Sound understanding of electrical/ mechanical safety principles
  • Experience of safety standards (EN, IEC, CSA, UL, etc.) including ATEX and IEC/EN 60079 among others.
  • Experience of testing hazardous area equipment to European/US and IEC standards

Designs with Various Industrial Buses

  • Backplane communication design techniques
  • Buses such as Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus, Profinet, Modbus, CAN Bus and others
  • Transducer control using protocols such as HART
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Success Story
16 Layered PCB Design
Design of an intrinsically safe Foundation Fieldbus to Modbus converter featuring Atmel ARM, Renesas M16C/62 series microcontrollers and backplane bus connections.
Success Story
Design of an analog data acquisition board featuring intrinsically safe power and an ARM processor. Services comprised schematic entry, multi-layered layout design, component procurement, PCB fabrication, component assembly and embedded software development.
Success Story
Design of a volume conversion device for gas flow metering; features galvanically isolated, surge protected data acquisition.