Application Software Development Services

Application Software Development

At our software laboratories, we manage projects from conceptualization to completion and provide strategic planning, creative designing, robust programming with all supportive and post implementation services. We also focus on Web applications, Desktop applications and Mobile applications. Ascenten’s expertise in the application software development space helped its customers bring out feature-rich products in a reduced time-to-market period, leading to higher revenues and incremental growth.

Success Story
  • Challenge: Our customer needed enhanced resources and expertise to further develop and support their complex hot cake product developed over many years.  
  • Scope of work: To develop new features and maintain the product.
  • Engagement: 156 weeks, offsite
  • Technologies: Nucleus RTOS, DIAB compiler, C, Windows, VC++
  • Ascenten undertook the engagement and is successfully supporting the customer on this product line.

Custom Application Development

Custom Application Development involves application software development which is done for a particular organization. The advantage of custom application over standard applications is that standard applications were designed with a general set of features to be used by different verticals and organization whereas custom application development is capable of producing practically any feature you may desire for your organization.

Existing Application Support, Maintenance and Integration with Latest Technologies

Maintaining enterprise-wide applications has become increasingly complex and costly for organizations. Normally companies have to work with limited features and outdated technologies. We are one of the best known application software outsourcing companies as we reengineer application, integrate it with latest technology, fix the bugs, maintain the database, tune the database performance and make several changes as part of the maintenance. We receive several application software outsourcing orders from industry giants. We can also create parallel application and integrate with existing one.

Mobile Application Development

We create mobile compatible websites as well as involve ourselves into mobile application software for various platforms like iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android and Windows. We have developed interactive and engaging applications for various domains such as; gaming, health, utility, business, social networking, quizzes and many more. We have a team of intelligent and technologically sound programmers who can build customized applications as per requirements.

Success Story
  • Challenge: Our customer wanted to maintain their existing Excel-VBA product and migrate the product to a desktop application for a better user experience.
  • Scope of Work: To maintain the existing Excel-VBA application and develop new desktop application consisting of complex calculations.
  • Technology: Net 4.0 and MVVM design pattern, VBA, C#, WPF
  • Engagement: Offsite, 104 weeks

Corporate Interactive are focused on delivering world class custom mobile web development services across a number of industries. Our capabilities include:

Software Product Lifecycle Management

Project management - Project management is key issue to successful project or products. A good project management can reduce overall project development life cycle.


Development process - It is important to choose the appropriate development lifecycle process to the project at hand because all other activities are derived from the process. For most modern software development projects, some kind of spiral-based methodology is used over a waterfall process.


Requirements - Gathering and agreeing on requirements is fundamental to a successful project. This does not necessarily imply that all requirements need to be fixed before any architecture, design, and coding are done, but it is important for the development team to understand what needs to be built.


Architecture - Choosing the appropriate architecture for your application is key. Many times we are asked to review a project in trouble and we have found that the development team did not apply well-known industry architecture best practices. They are valuable because they provide useful knowledge of what does not work, and why.


Success Story
  • Challenge: Our customer was lagging on the project completion by over 3 years due to lack of experienced and domain-learned professionals
  • Scope of Work: To create functional description of various product variants based on legacy code; to develop various modules which speed up their schedule.
  • Engagement: Offsite, 20 weeks
  • Technology: Integrity RTOS, C
  • Accomplishment: Successfully completed reverse engineering of the industrial product. Developed thorough understanding of existing framework and developed required modules successfully.

Design - Even with a good architecture it is still possible to have a bad design. Many applications are either over-designed or under-designed.


Construction of the code - Construction of the code is a fraction of the total project effort, but it is often the most visible. Other work equally important includes requirements, architecture, analysis, design, and test.


Code reviews - It is important to review other people's work. Experience has shown that problems are eliminated earlier this way and reviews are as effective as or even more effective than testing.


Testing - Testing is not an after-thought or cutback when the schedule gets tight. It is an integral part of the application software development that needs to be planned. It is also important that testing is done proactively; meaning that test cases are planned before coding starts and test cases are developed while the application is being designed and coded.


Performance testing - Testing is usually the last resort to catch application defects. It is labor intensive and usually only catches coding defects. Architecture and design defects may be missed.


Configuration management - Configuration management involves knowing the state of all artifacts that make up your system or project, managing the state of those artifacts, and releasing distinct versions of a system.


Quality and defects management - It is important to establish quality priorities and release criteria for the project so that a plan is constructed to help the team achieve quality software. As the project is coded and tested, the defect arrival and fix rate can help measure the maturity of the code.


Deployment - Deployment is the final stage of releasing an application for users.


Data migration - Most applications are not brand new, but are enhancements or rewrites of existing applications. Data migration from the existing data sources is usually a major project by itself.


Measuring success - You can measure your development process against an industry standard.

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