Embedded Software Development

At Ascenten, we provide next-generation embedded software development and engineering services to our customers that satisfy their specific business requirements. Ascenten has a rich expertise in developing firmware and embedded applications for a wide range of products including embedded C programming. We use our DSP expertise and IPs to develop fast embedded middleware, rich applications and interactive GUI. Our embedded expertise covers embedded c programming, application development and optimization of a wide array of popular RTOS platforms and proprietary micro-kernels, processor dependent real time assembly coding as well as real time multi-threaded applications.

Embedded Software Development

Success Story
  • Implemented DLMS stack and metering objects in an existing code while replacing a bulky communications standard albiet retaining its functionalities and security features.
  • Ascenten was engaged in emergency by a customer to deliver quickly as the sales deadlines were very close.
  • Ascenten successfully delivered working and tested code for an ultra low power micro controller which included porting the DLMS objects for smart meter reading and GSM for wireless communication
  • Engagement: Onsite & Offsite, 24 weeks

Applications & Middleware

Testing & Software Localization

APIs & Device Drivers

APIs and Device Drivers for keypads, LCDs, touch screens, RTCs, memories, ADCs, DACs, IR modules, GPS modules, GSM/GPRS modules, SPI & I2C devices, RTDs, thermistors, pressure sensors, accelerometers, gyros, compasses etc.

Success Story
  • Challenge: To evaluate the best compatible and lowest power RTOS for a specific low power microcontroller among OS-III from Micrium, embOS from Segger & SCIOPTA from Scepter.
  • Implemented various industry standard benchmarking algorithms for each evaluation parameter using ANSI C.
  • Performed thorough analysis of hardware power and timing performance, various latencies, scalability, cost and support.
  • Software: IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM 6.10 for standard C code, embOS and OS-III, IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM 6.20 for Sciopta
  • Engagement: Offsite, 12 Weeks  
  • The customer shall benefit by the optimal RTOS choice that shall be used for years to come as a software base of various product families.

Bootloaders & In-field Updaters

Communication Stacks

Embedded/RT OS Porting

CPLD Glue Logic

The reliability of embedded systems is their most important feature. The Embedded C Programming should be done in such a way that there are no systems disruptions in case of any change in plans. If you want the best results with your Embedded Software Development, we are the best source to rely on.

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Success Story
  • Firmware development and testing for a heavy duty industrial product.
  • Processor: AT91SAM7S512 (ARM7 based)    
  • Features implementation of several communication protocols – Ethernet, HART and proprietary back panel bus drivers.
  • Tools: Eclipse editor and free Yagarto tool chain, GNU tool chain
  • Engagement: Onsite discussions and collaboration at customer's premises before commencement of the project. Ascenten accompanied the customer taking them interactively through documenting the requirements, filling gaps in existing documentation, soliciting information and closing queries and successfully delivering the tested firmware.
  • Effort: Offsite, 52 weeks 
Success Story
  • Algorithm design for a domestic utility meter.
  • Challenges: To minimize computations for ultra low power performance and at the same time to optimize measurement resolution for high accuracy
  • Use of integer arithmetic only.
  • Ascenten designed several ingenious innovations and techniques for target power and accuracy.
  • Features AGC, analysis of 30 different types of field situations and error conditions and smart functionality.