Why are we different?


The world is evolving and so are our business needs. We understand the competitive environment that our customers face. We innovate so that they are able to globalize and integrate effortlessly to build a smart and sustainable future.

Design Wins

Our engineers are seasoned campaigners. Most of our senior engineers have over 15 years of experience and collectively our team possesses hundreds of man years of advanced engineering expertise. When you engage a single resource from Ascenten, you are engaging the combined knowledge and capabilities of the entire organization.

Our innovative design methodology is optimized for risk-management. Combined with our tenured professionals, we have the finest track record for "first-time-right" designs.

Minimal Development Expenses

Ascenten is a top notch service provider offering the best engineering services at very competitive rates. By dynamically allocating resources, we dramatically reduce your development costs within the cyclical engineering schedules. Further savings are gained by our customers in fixed-overhead areas such as facilities, HR, operations, and IT. Finally, our seasoned teams and professional engineering methodologies ensure your projects are completed on-budget.

Agile & Nimble

We build processes and systems that allow our operations to be adaptable and flexible to the dynamic needs of our customers. We innovate rapidly, tailoring solutions that meet customer needs in productive and cost-effective ways.

Quick Time to Market

The processes, tools, people and even the corporate culture at Ascenten is tuned to engineering efficiency. Our research oriented groundbreaking methodologies enable us to compress development schedules by 20-25%. Eventually, we offer you a design that is perfectly tested, professionally documented, and ready for production.

Our rapid resource augmentation and ramp-up operations ensure that less valuable time is wasted finding candidates, interviewing, team-building and implementing IT infrastructure and engineering tools. We can often have your project completed in far less a time taken than an in-house team.

Customer Engagement

Ascenten is tremendously adaptable and flexible in such a way that it can treat each customer exclusively by assimilating patterns and characteristics of the customer's organization, industry and geography. This unique flexibility has resulted in innovative commercial models such as R&D Partnership Program and Engineering Projects that enable each relationship yield more business value than could be normally expected by both partners.

Quality Focus

We are committed to providing our customers the highest quality in every aspect of our business engagement. We understand our customer's evolving priorities and our processes are built to deliver high productivity within the right timelines. 

Our quality systems deliver tangible and guaranteed results coupled with efficient project management and risk reduction, shortened development cycles and lesser overruns of time and cost. We have continuously benchmarked our processes against world-class standards and models.