Algorithm Design & Analysis

Algorithm Design & Analysis

Advanced algorithms are formulated, characterized and optimized in rich mathematical packages like Mathematica and Matlab for diverse purposes such as Signal Processing, solving Boundary Value Problems, Stochastic Estimation and various numerical analysis challenges.

Success Story
USB to High Speed Ethernet Converter
  • Study of engine exhaust quality and algorithm design for controlling a stepper motor actuator valve for supplying appropriate amount of air to the engine.
  • The Air-Fuel ratio (AFR) is maintained at stochiometric levels so that fuel is optimally burnt during the combustion cycles.
  • Ascenten researched the chemistry of combustion and designed this closed loop engine control system.
  • This was an indigenous product development endeavor at Ascenten.
  • Timeframe: 24 weeks, Engineers: 2
  • Highlight: Target exhaust quality is met, the vehicle mileage is improved and fuel consumption is reduced.

Digital Signal Processing

Design, analysis and simulation of control systems

Secure, encrypted in-situ update techniques

Differential equations

Statistics and Probability Theory

Error Correction

Auto gain control techniques

Battery capacity estimation

Ultra low power algorithms

Time of flight measurement algorithms

Solving system of equations

Solving differential equations

Standard specific implementations

Success Story
electronics seismic vibration algorithms
  • Research on earthquakes, and detecting them successfully when they occur and heuristically accessing the damage.
  • Ascenten researched the scientific principles behind seismic vibrations and designed algorithms and electronics for successfully analyzing and detecting earthquakes while rejecting non-seismic vibrations such as those caused by the natural swaying of high risers or a passing train.
  • Algorithms designed:
    • System Self Calibration
    • Detecting strong ground motion
    • Detecting moderate ground motion
    • Detecting fire
    • False alarm detect
    • Post vibrations damage detect
    • Post vibrations fire damage detect
  • Engagement: Offsite, 16 weeks
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Success Story
Algorithm Design & Development
  • Scope of Work:
    • Study and Implement the AGA8 Gross method algorithm in C
    • Find Gas Compressibility using this method
    • Derive gas volume at base conditions based on its compressibility
  • Ascenten studied the algorithm and a legacy Fortran implementation. There were several discrepancies which were diligently discovered and resolved.
  • Technology: 
    • Code composer essential version 3.1 from TI
    •  MSP430 series microcontroller
Success Story
Domestic Utility Meter Algorithm
  • Algorithm design for a domestic utility meter.
  • Challenges: To minimize computations for ultra low power performance and at the same time to optimize measurement resolution for high accuracy
  • Use of integer arithmetic only.
  • Ascenten designed several ingenious innovations and techniques for target power and accuracy.
  • Features AGC, analysis of 30 different types of field situations and error conditions and smart functionality.