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Hello! Who’s Online?

Enabling M2M Connectivity through GSM/GPRS

Internet of Things

Inter-networked sensors, intelligent devices, consumer electronics, commercial and industrial products along with wireless connectivity and cloud computing is making the “Internet of Things” (IoT) more realistic with each passing day. As said by Kevin Ashton (person who coined this term) “In the real world, things matter more than ideas”. The whole concept was to provide ability to talk to the end device or sensor directly, without human intervention, so as to get rid of human errors and inaccuracies and to greatly reduce loss, waste and cost.   Initially, the idea was to use RFID as last mile communication providing unique identification to each end device (or ...

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Critical Building Blocks of Smart Meters

Enhancing Reliability, Security and Cost-Effectiveness of Smart Meters

    Utilities all over the world utilize smart meters for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Smart meters lower operational and capital expenses, support new services for customers and improve operational control. However, since the type of smart meter varies according to the regulatory requirements of each region, it is prudent to develop some common building blocks in the firmware for any required modifications.   The emphasis of this article is on these basic elements required in the meter’s software design. In order to address this, it is very important to consider the essentials in its hardware and how different elements are interfaced with MCU, which executes ...

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