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Battery Technology for Electric Vehicles

An electrical battery comprises of one or more electrochemical cells that convert stored chemical energy into electrical energy using electrochemical processes. The energy density of such batteries is mentioned in Joule/kg or Watt-Hour/kg or Watt-Hour/Litre. Energy density denotes how much energy a battery can mass and provide for the vehicle with a given size of the battery. So the higher the Watt-Hour/kg the better the battery becomes for traction since the weight of the battery does play a significant role, especially in electric vehicles as the batteries need to be carried along. Batteries with higher energy density need less volume and weight, making it possible to develop light weight electric ...

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Teaming Up with the Right Partner for Enabling Next-gen Enterprise Mobility

As a CIO, all these years you have been managing a huge onus of myriad of IT goals and challenges. You have been instrumental in a slew of tactical and operational responsibilities that include developing an IT policy, administration of IT platforms, supervising technical infrastructure, managing business delivery solutions and mentoring other critical activities such as maintaining web systems, customer management platforms, workflow applications and the like. Also you have been expected to ensure adequate management of IT services, safeguard system health and smooth execution of projects. Phew! Seems you have been spreading yourself too thin. But is it over? Not really. With smartphone saga ushering in an avalanche ...

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