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Selecting an MCU

A micro controller is primarily a computing device that provides internal data and program memory and a high level of input and output (I/O) peripheral options. Using such processing technology helps to optimize the number of external peripherals that may be required for a particular system, project or application. Moreover, this also allows enhancing the scope for external interfacing to switches, motors and additional input / output devices.   There exists no cut and dried rule to decide if a particular microcontroller unit (MCU) befits for a given project or application requirement. Since the success or failure of your project hinges on how well you are selecting an MCU, this decision needs an evaluation ...

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Power Line Communications

Power Line Communication (PLC) is a rapidly developing technology that utilizes electricity power lines for the high-speed transmission of data and voice services. Using the power supply lines that exist in homes or offices, PLC can bring very high speed connectivity to home, schools, hotels and many more places. Internet connectivity is inevitable today and offering a high speed outreach has been a challenge. PLC can solve this problem by providing at least 1 Mbps speed - 20 times faster than a standard phone/modem connection. There are various other applications that PLC can provide which include whole-house audio, security & monitoring, smart homes, internet telephony, video communications, broadband over power ...

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