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Engineering with EMC Awareness

Any electromagnetic or radio frequency energy that unintentionally disturbs the functionality of an electrical or electronic equipment is termed as Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). This interfering energy can be produced by a device or equipment itself or by other devices within close proximity. But if the equipment can function without loss in quality or reliability under influence of such an EMI, then the equipment is said to have Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) or to be under EMI control.   Some common examples of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) are  

  1. Surge & Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
  2. RF electromagnetic field disturbances (both conducted & radiated)
  3. Electrical Fast Transients (EFT)
  Electronic design engineers have long been puzzled by various ...

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Smart Enunciator for Automobiles

In recent times there has been tremendous growth in the market for smart devices. Not only have they become entrenched in our daily lives but are also becoming very powerful and business oriented. Indeed we depend on our smart devices for everyday tasks more than ever—and for tasks that didn't ven exist only a year or two ago. And the possibilities that make the smart device ‘smart’ are continually changing. Automotive telemetry, for example is one such domain where smart devices are unlocking unprecedented levels of innovations, usefulness and benefits (safety, guidance, convenience & the like) for car drivers.   Given their processing power, versatility, popularity, and relatively low cost (compared to other monitoring ...

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