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Higher Performance with Less Power: Multicore Technology

Processing technology is in the midst of a technological revolution and nothing illustrates that fact more effectively than the proliferation of mobile devices. People use their consumer electronics devices such as mobiles, tablets and net books  like they use their personal computers and at the same time also expect similar level of capabilities while maintaining and increasing battery life. Widespread device use cases such as HD video playback & gaming, streaming video and audio, multitasking, browsing the web on high-speed networks is adding enormous challenges to the capabilities of current single core application processors.   As much as mobile device proliferation has been a boon for end-users and app developers, it's been introducing ...

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Audio Equalizer – A Perspective on Digital Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing plays a key role in today’s world, where television, sound systems, cameras etc are turning towards digital methods. Many signal processing such applications involve amplifying or attenuating only a small portion of a signal’s frequency spectrum, while leaving the remainder of the spectrum unaffected and one of such applications is a digital audio equalizer.   This effect is commonly obtained by using a digital filter that has poles or zeroes at specified center frequencies. Digital filter having a pole at a specified center frequency is called ‘resonant filter’ which enhances a specified frequency in the spectrum, while the filter having zero at a specified frequency is called ‘notch filter’ ...

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