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The Life Saver – An In-vehicle Accident Safety Device

On a slow, hot April afternoon I was heading to my Koba office. My car had juggled for a good 30 minutes through a maze of bumpy, crowded Ahmedabad roads and as I approached Avani circle I had felt a sense of relief – the rest of the road would be an uncluttered highway which meant smooth sailing and I could focus on my work in my driver driven vehicle. As we cruised along the highway, a myriad of thoughts occupied my mind – on consolidating marketing and sales at Ascenten, on test results of our recent metering project and on my impending trip abroad. In a few minutes I ...

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USB 2.0 to Ethernet Converter

The market today is inundated with various converters and one can find a multitude of USB to Ethernet converters - those that work in the temperature range of -25 to +50 degree Celsius and can convert USB 2.0 to Ethernet and vice versa. In other words, these are more like one-way conversion units and generally suitable to use with laptops or general computers only.   However, a converter that can work on an industrial USB 2.0 port and function in the temperature range of -40 to +85 degree celsius is not easily available in the market. An industrial USB port is by design different from the normal USB ports of computers.   Ascenten has ...

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