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X-Ray Inspection of a BGA

Ease or Dis-Ease of Miniaturization

In today’s world, miniaturization may be the holy grail of success in designing and building certain portable electronic equipment. A mobile phone is expected to substitute a laptop in functionality without growing a bit in size and weight. Many times design engineers can face an arduous task of increasing product features while reducing form factor and may need to use miniaturized BGA packages when available. For many types of ICs, such as FPGAs and high performance processors, BGA is the only package choice available these days.   However, a BGA cannot be hand-soldered and a manual pick and place machine may not be able to handle this ...

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FPGA Bridge

FPGA as a Bridge between 400 MSPS ADC and 10 MHz Throughput DSP

  When we talk of precision instrumentation, we are looking at a system that can manage highly complex math-intensive tasks, since the data collected from physical sensors need a complex degree of calculations to be measured. Although a DSP is well suited for extremely complex math-intensive tasks, it cannot process high sampling rate applications due to its serial architecture.   ASIC does meet all the constraints of digital signal processing, however, it lacks flexibility and requires long design cycles. FPGA overcomes the disadvantages of ASIC and DSP with flexibility, time-to-market, risk-mitigation and lower system costs. FPGA  is ideal for implementing ...

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