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Before the Heat Kicks in

Heat Sink Calculations

Today's demanding applications require components and systems to work under intense environmental conditions. Survivability is critical, as features are only as good as their ability to operate without fail.   Innovation in thermal management has become essential to meeting the requirements for fault-free performance. The choice of an appropriate thermal management system depends on cost and development time of a product. The techniques for heat dissipation include heat sinks and fans for air cooling, liquid cooling and peltier cooling (Thermoelectric cooling) etc. Designing a cost competitive electronics system requires careful consideration of the thermal domain also. To find the most optimized solution requires a good understanding of thermal properties of ...

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Battery Life in Years

Measuring Microamps

With portability and ever shrinking form factors being tremendously sought after by consumers all over the world in electronic products, a major challenge lies ahead for designers in terms of developing ultra-low power designs to aptly complement the market expectations. This makes the battery life of a product an extremely crucial factor in its success and bounteous adoption. When the life of the battery is expected to be for a few days or months, it is easy to measure the battery life practically. But if the product is required to work for a few years on the battery, then the only way is, to measure the average current and ...

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