Tech Notes

How to find a right electronics design partner


Finding the right partner for electronics design and development is critical for your product, This is the first step which makes your product successful. So when choosing a company or a design firm to partner with, you need to know what exactly to look for.   Some companies choose to expand by adding staff, but identifying and hiring the right people, especially in high-demand areas of the country, can be time consuming. At best it takes weeks for new personnel to assimilate and come up-to-speed with new project requirements. And there is always the burden of employee benefits and vacation time. It is also necessary to consider the significant front office, regulatory, ...

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Heart rate monitoring


Advancement in technology made it possible to automate the monitoring of fitness activities and to integrate into easily worn devices . Earlier these devices were used for athletes and patients only, while now these are available as consumer products and got a huge response in the market.  


We are passionate to work on new technology and know the amount of dedication required to prove the best for our customers. Taking this into consideration, we accepted the challenge to design a smart band for our overseas client who are in wearable industry. It’s the trigger point for us and we started working on it, we have decided the timeline and working with our ...

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Low Power Wearable Device


Wearable technology is creating a big buzz in the market. The technology is on the rise in both personal and business use. There are variety of amazing products available in the market with unique functionality and great features. From glasses to shoes and watches to gloves, everything which is smart and can be worn comes under wearable Technology.   All of us are familiar with the fact that watches have always been a timeless piece, and as the big brands like Apple watch and other smart watches have entered the market, changes or advancements have become the need of the hour and will enable you to survive in the competition.   To give a ...

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GSM module interface connection

Hello! Who’s Online?

Enabling M2M Connectivity through GSM/GPRS

Internet of Things

Inter-networked sensors, intelligent devices, consumer electronics, commercial and industrial products along with wireless connectivity and cloud computing is making the “Internet of Things” (IoT) more realistic with each passing day. As said by Kevin Ashton (person who coined this term) “In the real world, things matter more than ideas”. The whole concept was to provide ability to talk to the end device or sensor directly, without human intervention, so as to get rid of human errors and inaccuracies and to greatly reduce loss, waste and cost.   Initially, the idea was to use RFID as last mile communication providing unique identification to each end device (or ...

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Embedded Software Metering Product

Critical Building Blocks of Smart Meters

Enhancing Reliability, Security and Cost-Effectiveness of Smart Meters

    Utilities all over the world utilize smart meters for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Smart meters lower operational and capital expenses, support new services for customers and improve operational control. However, since the type of smart meter varies according to the regulatory requirements of each region, it is prudent to develop some common building blocks in the firmware for any required modifications.   The emphasis of this article is on these basic elements required in the meter’s software design. In order to address this, it is very important to consider the essentials in its hardware and how different elements are interfaced with MCU, which executes ...

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Selecting an MCU

A micro controller is primarily a computing device that provides internal data and program memory and a high level of input and output (I/O) peripheral options. Using such processing technology helps to optimize the number of external peripherals that may be required for a particular system, project or application. Moreover, this also allows enhancing the scope for external interfacing to switches, motors and additional input / output devices.   There exists no cut and dried rule to decide if a particular microcontroller unit (MCU) befits for a given project or application requirement. Since the success or failure of your project hinges on how well you are selecting an MCU, this decision needs an evaluation ...

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Power Line Communications

Power Line Communication (PLC) is a rapidly developing technology that utilizes electricity power lines for the high-speed transmission of data and voice services. Using the power supply lines that exist in homes or offices, PLC can bring very high speed connectivity to home, schools, hotels and many more places. Internet connectivity is inevitable today and offering a high speed outreach has been a challenge. PLC can solve this problem by providing at least 1 Mbps speed - 20 times faster than a standard phone/modem connection. There are various other applications that PLC can provide which include whole-house audio, security & monitoring, smart homes, internet telephony, video communications, broadband over power ...

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Higher Performance with Less Power: Multicore Technology

Processing technology is in the midst of a technological revolution and nothing illustrates that fact more effectively than the proliferation of mobile devices. People use their consumer electronics devices such as mobiles, tablets and net books  like they use their personal computers and at the same time also expect similar level of capabilities while maintaining and increasing battery life. Widespread device use cases such as HD video playback & gaming, streaming video and audio, multitasking, browsing the web on high-speed networks is adding enormous challenges to the capabilities of current single core application processors.   As much as mobile device proliferation has been a boon for end-users and app developers, it's been introducing ...

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Audio Equalizer – A Perspective on Digital Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing plays a key role in today’s world, where television, sound systems, cameras etc are turning towards digital methods. Many signal processing such applications involve amplifying or attenuating only a small portion of a signal’s frequency spectrum, while leaving the remainder of the spectrum unaffected and one of such applications is a digital audio equalizer.   This effect is commonly obtained by using a digital filter that has poles or zeroes at specified center frequencies. Digital filter having a pole at a specified center frequency is called ‘resonant filter’ which enhances a specified frequency in the spectrum, while the filter having zero at a specified frequency is called ‘notch filter’ ...

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Battery Technology for Electric Vehicles

An electrical battery comprises of one or more electrochemical cells that convert stored chemical energy into electrical energy using electrochemical processes. The energy density of such batteries is mentioned in Joule/kg or Watt-Hour/kg or Watt-Hour/Litre. Energy density denotes how much energy a battery can mass and provide for the vehicle with a given size of the battery. So the higher the Watt-Hour/kg the better the battery becomes for traction since the weight of the battery does play a significant role, especially in electric vehicles as the batteries need to be carried along. Batteries with higher energy density need less volume and weight, making it possible to develop light weight electric ...

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