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September 2012 / Issue #6  
From the CTO's desk
Jigar Patel Dear Reader,

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Through this monthly, we intend to share with you emerging technology trends having far reaching influence and also wish to showcase some illustrative work being done by us and other organizations in varied domains / verticals.

Last weekend I decided to give some rest to myself as a CTO and chose to revisit the movie aficionado that I used to be a long ago! So I turned on my TV and began surfing various programs. I finally decided to watch ‘Rise of the Machines’ (Terminator 3) on an international movie channel. Being a huge fan of ‘Terminator’ series since 80s, I didn’t miss to enjoy this new installment either. While the movie got over, it somehow left me thinking if the movie title is drawing my attention to a big phenomenon taking place in the global engineering industry. It actually did. Machines are rising, that too in an unprecedented manner!

ZigBee Alliance, IPSO Alliance, 3GPP, IETF, OMA, GSMA, IUT-T, IEC, IEEE, ESMIG, EPCGlobal GS1, OASIS, W3C, ETSI and several other international standardization bodies are working together to make this rise a win-win reality benefitting a spectrum of industries such as Automotive, Transportation and Logistics, Smart Energy and Security, Industrial Automation, Consumer and Healthcare. I am referring to M2M (Machine-to-machine) communications. Leveraging recent advances in next-generation wireless networks, machine-to-machine communication is unlocking a gamut of new opportunities, helping businesses and entrepreneurs better monitor their business, launch new services and serve customers effectively while allowing them to leverage new efficiencies to lower cost and energy consumption. On the other hand consumers too are drawing big benefits of M2M through new offerings in telemedicine, remote healthcare and remote diagnostics. Indeed, M2M shall progressively underpin other key areas of the global economy as well. Recent findings from leading industry analysts reveal billions of M2M devices shall become active over the next few years.

Electronics product engineering and embedded development comes to play a huge role in bringing cutting-edge M2M embedded solutions to life. It is because M2M involves significant application of electronics and allied engineering / sciences in several critical areas such as robotics, sensors, magnetic, seismic, thermal, imaging, photovoltaic, automation, data management, energy management etc. Machine-to-machine communication is all set to create a connected world with extreme focus on new age sensibilities and a concern for sustainability at its heart. Indeed, everyone including industries and end users stand to gain from this rapidly emerging wave.  We at Ascenten are eager to partner innovators who aspire to contribute to this big and exciting M2M world.

Please share your views with me at JigarPatel@Ascenten.net. I would be happy to share some insights.

Thank you and happy reading!

Jigar Patel
Teaming Up with the Right Partner for Enabling
Next-gen Enterprise Mobility
Vishal Jani (Software Engineer, Ascenten)
Vishal Jani As a CIO, all these years you have been managing a huge onus of myriad of IT goals and challenges. You have been instrumental in a slew of tactical and operational responsibilities that include developing an IT policy, administration of IT platforms, supervising technical infrastructure, managing business delivery solutions and mentoring other critical activities such as maintaining web systems, customer management platforms, workflow applications and the like. Also you have been expected to ensure adequate management of IT services, safeguard system health and smooth execution of projects.
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Battery Management in Electric Vehicles
Abhaya Venugopal (Sr. Project Manager, Ascenten)
Bhavin Vora There is a huge market and growing trend for battery technology, especially for use in the automotive industry. World’s leading car manufacturers are looking at various options and coming up with different ideas to build cars that run on electricity, due to the dependence of most countries on a foreign land for oil. Also the electric cars will lead to lesser oil consumption and lower carbon-dioxide emissions, working towards a green environment.
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Success Story: NOUMIC – Meditation Aide
  • A beautiful and elegant handheld that uses four colored lights to indicate how well you relax
  • A monolithic device that would sense body's electrical conductivity and conclude intelligently on how well the user was relaxing
  • Detects changes to skin resistance as subtle as 10 ppm (0.001%)
  • Performed detailed research on the physical principle behind the phenomenon, envisioned the design and over a year delivered a perfectly working Noumic
  • Turnkey product design, development and production
LPG/CNG Changeover Switch

News from the Industry
Optimizing for Low Power in Embedded MCU Designs
Sachin Gupta and Madhan Kumar, Cypress Semiconductor
Low-power embedded design is motivated by the need to run applications for as long as possible while consuming minimum power. In a battery-powered system, this need is magnified. Furthermore, low power implies lower cost of operation and smaller battery size to make applications more mobile. When energy comes at a premium as it does with today’s green initiatives, ensuring that an embedded design consumes as little energy as possible is even important for wall-powered applications.
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