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August 2012 / Issue #5  
From the CTO's desk
Jigar Patel Greetings to all our readers! It feels great to see that our newsletter is inviting several interesting observations and discussions. We are thankful to our readers for evincing their keen interest in this effort and for sharing their curiosity to learn more about turnkey product engineering at Ascenten and various innovations we have enabled. 
A recent article on India’s eminent healthcare visionary motivated me to share a brief note on ‘Frugal Engineering’, for it offered truly inspiring analogy with our practice of Gandhian Engineering (term popularized after Tata Nano's frugal engineering success). Being an engineering design services company with unwavering focus on R&D driven innovation in electronics design and embedded development, we have come to develop a sincere understanding of several distinguishing underlying principles that takes ‘Frugal Engineering’ beyond stereotypical precincts of ‘cost effective engineering outsourcing’ or ‘bells and whistles intertwined with economies of scale’.

With a view to demonstrating this in our methodology, we ensure that process engineering and ideation takes precedence over product engineering. By linking people, processes and purpose in a holistic perspective, we nurture essential values of Frugal Engineering that include robustness in innovation, earnest focus on product / solution attributes and features rationalization, engineering with energy awareness and commitment towards low-cost operations and efficient service ecosystem. Our approach on ‘Frugal Engineering’ is thus based on devising engineering brilliance in a way that earns us a significant place in building solid corporate reputation and brand equity for our customers and partners.

We have also used this edition of our newsletter to provide you with some thought-provoking information, which shall certainly add to your curiosity.

Please share your views with me at JigarPatel@Ascenten.net. I would be happy to share some insights.

Thank you and happy reading!

Jigar Patel
Smart enunciator for automobiles
Vishal Jani (Software Engineer, Ascenten)
Vishal Jani In recent times there has been tremendous growth in the market for smart devices. Not only have they become entrenched in our daily lives but are also becoming very powerful and business oriented. Indeed we depend on our smart devices for everyday tasks more than ever-and for tasks that didn’t even exist only a year or two ago. And the possibilities that make the smart device ‘smart’ are continually changing. Automotive telemetry, for example is one such domain where smart devices are unlocking unprecedented levels of innovations, usefulness and benefits (safety, guidance, convenience & the like) for car drivers.
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Engineering with EMC awareness
Bhavin Vora (Electrical Engineer, Ascenten)
Bhavin Vora Any electromagnetic or radio frequency energy that unintentionally disturbs the functionality of an electrical or electronic equipment is termed as Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). This interfering energy can be produced by a device or equipment itself or by other devices within close proximity. But if the equipment can function without loss in quality or reliability under influence of such an EMI, then the equipment is said to have Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) or to be under EMI control.
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Success Story: LPG/CNG Changeover Switch for
MPFI and Carburetor Vehicles
Ascenten CDS Series advanced dual fuel changeover switches boast a combination of compactness and state of the art technology and intelligent functionality eliminating redundant changeover operations and enabling efficient changeover. A progressive five staged fuel level display is provided using four indicator LEDs, reserve level being indicated by the first LED blinking. An internal output overload protection protects the electronics from valve coil failures and accidental shorting of outputs to ground.

LPG/CNG Changeover Switch

  • Compact Size: 82.0 x 33.6 x 21.1 mm (LxWxH)
  • Functionality selection as per MPFI or Carburetor vehicle at the time of fitment
  • Operating Voltage Range: 8V to 18V DC (Note: Customized design available for vehicles with 24V battery)
  • Vehicle Suitability: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Cylinders, 4 Stroke, MPFI and Carburetor based Vehicles
  • Intelligent Operation
  • Output overload protection (CDS-xxS models only)
  • Available with Relay or Solid State Switching
  • Available with Rocker or Dome type switch
  • Mounting under dashboard or in side slot
  • ESD Safe, Microprocessor based design
  • RoHS compliant


  • MPFI based LPG/CNG Vehicles
  • Carburetor based LPG/CNG Vehicles
  • OEM fitment and after market conversion kits

News from the Industry
Voice input processing for automotive speech recognition systems
Sverrir Olafsson, Conexant
In a quiet, controlled environment, today’s speech recognition engines have become quite effective. Whether doing dictation with a quality headset in a quiet office, or giving search-phrases to a smartphone in a silent room, hit rates of close to 100 percent are now commonly achieved. However, adding a few disturbances tends to quickly degrade the performance.
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