“Good design is as little design as possible - Less, but better - because it concentrates on the essential aspects, and the products are not burdened with nonessentials. Back to purity, back to simplicity.”

Electronic Product Design

At Ascenten we harbor true passion for designing and building fine electronic products. We work with innovative companies, helping them with new product development and existing product optimization by way of innovation and incorporating emerging technologies. We leverage our strong design and project management experience, in-house facilities and relationship with third parties to build products under one roof resulting in reduced costs and improved time to market.


Why can’t cars gently move sideways for hassle free parking and efficient use of space? Why can’t air conditioners clean their own air filters? Why can’t pillboxes remind people to take their medicines timely? Why can’t wall clocks run on ambient light and synchronize time wirelessly so that they would never need maintenance for years? Why can’t a camera keep eye on a driver and sound an alarm if we went to sleep while driving? Such are the bizarre questions we ask ourselves. Research, ideas and innovation form the very fabric of who we are and it is something our engineers and designers do every moment of their lives.  It is a life style, more than a profession. It is in our soul. We’re not just electronics and software people and industrial designers. We’re geeks with sound understanding of physical sciences – well versed with intricate concepts in mechanics, electrodynamics, applied mathematics and chemistry. From deriving and solving nonlinear differential equations to setting up and controlling an electroplating bath, to designing complex electronics that eat power of the order of microwatts - we have the foundation to make it happen.


Since our founding we’ve been instrumental in delivering a number of innovations in Electronic Circuit Design, Signal Processing, Ultra Low Power Design, Test Bench Design, Plastics and Pneumatic Systems.


In recent years we’ve built a strong industry centric product design portfolio in Automotive, Utility Metering (gas, energy, water), Portable Medical Devices and Equipment, Marine Equipment, Industrial Control Systems, Audio/Video Equipment and Portable Textile products.


The technologies that we’ve worked on include Electronic Communication, Ultrasonics, Lasers and Optics, High Speed Data Acquisition, Low Noise Data Acquisition, Ultra Low Power Electronics, various Digital Technologies, Transducer and Sensor Design, Seismology, RFID,Smart Cards, Motor Control and Pneumatics.


Our industrial designers realize the importance of aesthetics. Products should not be products – rather objects of desire – objects of the right form and colour – objects that please the eye and touch – objects that create a sense of confidence in its user.


Through a network of third parties we offer superior production like finishing on prototypes, some of which are listed below:

  • Paint
  • Silkscreen
  • Pad Printing
  • Texturing
  • Powder Coating
  • Polishing
  • Rub On's
  • Laser Marking
  • Hot Stamping
  • Plating
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Metalizing
  • Etching

With more and more conveniences at mankind’s disposal, the world has become full of chaos, clutter and noise. Simple tasks such as understanding all those symbols on rotary dial of a digital camera, scheduling a TV program for auto-recording and programming quick dial numbers on landline handsets are still difficult for many people. Designing a feature-full product so that it is easily understandable is indeed one tough challenge in creating a good design.


A design needs to be able to both withstand and perform in the target weather, handling and electrical conditions such as temperature,humidity, dust, ingress of foreign material, shocks, vibrations, drops, impacts, over-voltages, power line surges, electrostatic discharges, radiated interferences and wear over time. At the same time the design should not beover burdened by protections so as to exceed in size and cost. Most prototypes go through specific lab tests to ensure they meet the target reliability criteria and at Ascenten we have an excellent track record of succeeding right in the first testing cycle, saving time and costs on design re-spins.


To get every detail right in a design without short cuts and quickie alternatives, engineers and designers need good levels of patience,perseverance and sustenance – and sometimes extraordinary levels of such.


From manufacturing to packaging to field operation – every product influences nature and nature is all poised to affect our descendants.  Why use a metal part in a design when modern high strength plastics can deliver? Why have a tin-can packaging when recycled cardboards are suitable? How can we design for power and time optimized assembly lines? How can we exploit the power saving features of the next generation integrated circuits to save the environment - 1 Watt at a time? At Ascenten, such approaches are testaments to our friendliness towards the environment. Some case studies of our work that directly impact the environment are depicted here:


CLS picture

Development of a Closed Loop Injection Controller that improves fuel efficiency and exhaust quality (meeting Euro III emission limits) of propane fuelled vehicles.

  AIRCON paper picture

Feasibility research and on-paper design of a domestic power saving device.


A typical product development process is a parallel effort in electronic design, CAD modeling, machining, mold making, third party collaboration and other processes.


In most cases our customers have a fairly good idea of the marketing aspects of the product, whereas our team is entitled with the task of bringing the product, statutory approvals and support infrastructure to life. Many times the idea is fuzzy but the target market is known. Our engineers brainstorm the idea working closely with the customer and come up with possibilities based on the target users, technologies available and producteconomics.


Our customers have a dream. We help them make it real. Just ask us how

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